In the hardest times humanity desperately needs faith. Hunger and poorness reign in the medieval French village of Mere. The interweaving of human vices confronts with the purity and naivety of childhood, a series of random encounters and revelations leads to irreversible consequences and now kids become weapons in the hands of Divine Providence.

The real medieval story about children's crusade in this performance turns into thinking about person’s growing up, where the first independent choice is a decision to leave into the unknown. The crusade becomes a symbol of the existence of all mankind that are stepping into adult life, and dying in the name of ideas and beliefs. Fighting, falling… and so on ad infinitum.

  • Producer: Yura Divakov
  • Country: Belarus
  • Duration: 1 hour 20 min (no intermission)
  • Year: 2018
  • Cast:

    Children: Jacques — Dmitry Davidovich; Jorguet — Marina Demidchik-Zdoronkova; Blaise — Ilya Yasinsky; Blanche — Veronica Buslaeva. Adults: Tomas — Dmitry Davidovich; Anna — Veronica Buslaeva; Father Basile — Ilya Yasinsky; Godfroi — Dmitriy Davidovich; Victor — Dmitry Davidovich, Veronika Buslaeva, Ilya Yasinsky; Cricket — Veronica Buslaeva; Luc The Blacksmith — Marina Demidchik-Zdoronkova.

  • Genre: performance
  • Play : Andrei Ivanov
  • Set and costume design: Tatyana Divakova
  • Composer: Eric Orlov-Shimkus
  • Video director: Dina Danilovich
  • Lighting Designer: Yura Divakov
  • Video: Ekaterina Chekatovskaya

10 May, 2019