The summer season of TheatreHD will please the fans of plastic and visual arts: for the first time the programme includes the ballets of remarkable British director Matthew Bourne and movies-exhibitions which tell about the famous masterpieces of painting. And theatergoers can enjoy James Corden’s comic talent and new production of Richard III with participation of Ralph Fiennes.

A shot from the ballet: Matthew Bourne: Swan Lake

Innovative productions of Matthew Bourne − the winner of the Tony Award − will be shown for the first time in Belarus on the big screen of the cinema Tsentralnyy: scandalous Swan Lake in 3D (on 10 August) which became so popular that it was even included in the British school curriculum; The Car Man – where the music of Georges Bizet and the aesthetics of a mid-century detective novel are connected (on 13 July); gothic Sleeping Beauty which shows an vivid, energetic heroine (on 7 September). For his ballets Bourne not only invents phenomenal choreography, but rewrites the story (and sometimes the music), by creating a modern ingenious and magnetic show. The humour of his productions attracts every year new spectators not only in Great Britain but around the world.

Also the project TheatreHD in Minsk will show movies-exhibitions – unique documental films which tell not only about the destiny of world masterpieces but invite spectators to a walk through famous museums in the company of curators and art critics. Minsk inhabitants will have a possibility to examine the smallest details of pictures and solve the mystery of famous paintings without living the capital of Belarus. Screening of 5 films are planned at the cinema Tsentralnyy: on 30 July – The Impressionists, on 13 August – Vincent van Gogh – A new way of seeing, on 27 August – Girl with a Pearl Earring, on 10 September – Rembrandt, on 24 September – Manet: Portraying Life HD.

A scene from Girl with a Pearl Earring

Admirers of theatre will find the programme of a summer season also interesting. The end of July will be marked by a comedy based on the famous storyline of Goldoni about a servant of two lords, where the role of the servant will play British comedian James Corden. In August will be the premiere performance of Romeo and Juliet in a production of Kenneth Branagh (In the winter’s tale) where Richard Madden (The games of thrones) and Lily James (War and Peace) become the lead actors. These actors have already played together in romantic Cinderella which was directed by Branagh last year and now they act on the stage as young lovers. On 13 September a new production Richard III will be shown in Tsentralnyy where Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave have played.

The broadcast season of the project TheatreHD starts only in October. In expectation of live broadcast from London, New York and Moscow, Minsk spectators can see not only new productions, but also performances from the last season. In such a way, the presentation of opera The Elixir of Love by Gaetano Donizetti awaits the Minsk inhabitants in July. The main parties are performed by Anna Netrebko and also by the soloists of Metropolitan Opera Mariusz Kwiecień and Matthew Polenzani, who are already familiar to the residents of Minsk.