Listapad is coming to an end, which means it's time to plan the second half of November! If you watched too many films and got done with them, the TOK project invites you to spend November at the theater. Reading of "Small Narration" by Alexander Marchenko, Alexander Yanushkevich's "The Guards of the Taj Mahal", and Anton Makukha's "Arche&Ket" premiere shows will take place at the Ok16.

Alexander Yanushkevich's play  "The Guards of the Taj Mahal" will start this month within the TOK project. Babur and Humayun dream of traveling and having a better life while the Taj Mahal towers behind their backs. Without even daring to look at it, the two friends keep watch over the walls of India's greatest shrine hidden from prying eyes. But this opportunity makes them decide what is better: knowledge or ignorance, death or betrayal? And how to stay the same if one has to get over themselves? You can see the production on November 10th and 11th at 19:00 at the Ok16 space.

How can you relate a small story of your life to the big history of your country and not lose yourself in this flow of time? On November 19th, as part of the pop-up festival "Na roznyja galasy. Polish Plays" (literally from Belarusian "In Different Voices"), there will be a reading of the play "Small Narration" by Polish director Wojtek Ziemilski whose name is already familiar to Belarusian theatergoers from this year's School of TEART. After Ziemilski finds out that his grandfather cooperated with the Polish People's Republic security services, he tries to understand how to relate to this truth and makes a bitter statement on how easily simple accusations can destroy a person. The reading will be staged by Alexander Marchenko at the OK16. The event will be held with the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute  and will start at 19:30. You can register for it here.

On November 27th and 28th,  "Arche & Ket", a production based on the play of the same name by Dimitri Uchaneishvili will return to the Ok16 stage. A second before... One second later... What were you and what should you become to feel love again? And was it love at all? Through honest and direct conversation, Arche and Ket try to catch up with the lost moments and understand what each of them felt. The shows will take place at 19:00.

The performances of the T. O. K. project are shown with the support of  Belgosstrakh BRUIC.

You can order tickets by phone at +375(44)490-48-99 or buy on the following websites:,,,,, as well as at the ticket offices.