The “Listapad. Collection” project started in 2014 when the most popular films of the previous MIFF “Listapad” received a limited release at the “Pobeda” movie theatre. The project launch turned out to be successful and “Listapad. Collection” grew to include other films as well.

Now within the project you can see European box-office hits, novelties of major cinema festivals and genre works by world-famous directors. The purpose of the project is to give the viewer an opportunity to choose different movies in the age of the domination of mass culture.

“Listapad. Collection” is an alternative to Hollywood blockbusters and an opportunity for people to expand their horizons and learn about contemporary independent cinema. Screenings take place at different venues, including the high-class cinema “Falcon Club Cinema Boutique”.


On this page you can only find information about the films that are shown in the original language with Russian subtitles. For information about all of our  releases, including films that are shown in the dubbed version, please visit "Afisha".