The performances produced by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” first appeared on the program of the International Theatre Forum “TEART” in 2012. They  were  productions  of "Amazonia" (co-production of "ART Corporation", Polish Institute in Minsk and  Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland, Warsaw) and the "The boat of despair" based on the novel by Vladimir Karatkevich (with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the support of the Presidential Fund for arts and culture).

In 2013 the Centre went even further and presented a full-fledged Belarusian program, consisting of 5 audacious and innovative shows. Performances such as “Patris” (in co-production with New Drama Theatre (Minsk, Belarus), with the support of Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland, Warsaw), “Short-time memory” (ART Corporation) and “Moody hockey-player” (ART Corporation, theatre “post” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) were based on plays by in-demand Belarusian playwrights. Since 2014 Belarusian performances have been presented as the national showcase within the framework of the “TEART” Forum. “Belarus Open” offered to “open” theatrical Belarus for its spectators and foreign guests of the Forum.

Starting from 2014 “Belarus Open” has been showing Belarusian theatre projects giving them an opportunity to “speak” new theatre language and be relevant in the global context while still remaining a unique Belarusian phenomenon. We hope this will probably be able to set the modern Belarusian theatre process in motion.

The initiative to launch a separate Belarusian program belongs to the Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”. It is meant to forward the development of the “project theatre” phenomenon in our country, which has become a popular and relevant form of creative interaction in the Russian and European theatre space.